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With all the scientific breakthroughs for the management of serious diseases, conventional medicine
still grapples with the early detection of disease and with the treatment of chronic disease. It is not
surprising therefore, that many people search for answers outside of conventional medicine.
Anti-ageing medicine assesses patients beyond the presence of symptoms. One of the aims of
anti-ageing is to recognise the environmental stressors which the patient may be subjected to which
may compromise their health. These stressors include diet and chemical and electromagnetic
exposure, as well as the internal capability of their antioxidant defences, hormonal competence and
capacity for rejuvenation, to maximise the healing process.

However an important component of anti-ageing medicine is preventative programs of investigation to
recognise the early biochemical/ hormonal and imaging patterns of disease. Programs to restore
biochemical, hormonal and anatomical integrity can then be instituted, long before a disease manifests.
The advantages of early intervention could be enormous in preventing a chain reaction of disease
sequalae and morbidity.

Anubha, offers a range of anti-ageing assessments, including bio-aging technology. This innovative
technology assesses neurocognitive reactions, coupled with biochemical, hormonal and genetic data to
construct a profile of the patient's age according to individual organ ages. The adage, a system is as
strong as its weakest link, is pertinent to the health of the human body. Bioaging highlights areas of
concern which may require specialised investigations and further attention.

About Anubha

Anubha has offered holistic health care since 1995, and is the first organisation to introduce
comprehensive Anti-Ageing treatments and personalised genetic diagnostic assessments in Australia.
These services represent an exciting advance in patient care. Individualised management of multiple
conditions and dietary considerations that are in accord with your particular genetic heritage are
considered. This level of treatment provides an opportunity to transform our health as we can choose
to eat what nourishes our genes, rather than following social dietary dogmas, which are not
necessarily suitable to our genotype.

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The unravelling of the human genome has started revealing the perplexing truths of why some people
react adversely to certain drugs and others not. Conventional medical practices cannot tell, prior to
the administration of a medication, whether a patient is going to have adverse symptoms, as up till
the present it has been impossible to predict individual genetic variability and abnormal responses that
can be life-threatening. As doctors, we treat diseases and syndromes not patients. Herein lies the
problem. No two people share a predictable response, for example, to the same anti-depressant or
blood-pressure lowering drug.

In our willingness to help, we can sometimes harm patients, due to personal genetic variance and
potential drug side-effects. Science is vindicating a fundamental truth that synthetic pharmaceutical
drugs are not natural to the body, and that consuming such foreign substances may be a serious
health hazard. There are many cases where some synthetic drugs, which were hailed in the scientific
literature just a few years ago as offering safe anti-inflammatory care to the masses, are now largely

Programs of Investigation
Health is a compilation of physical, mental and spiritual co-ordinates that can be referenced against
that person's genetic architecture and socio-environmental milieu.

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Integrative Holistic Treatment

There is a new world paradigm, which includes easy access to scientific information and access to even
specialised medical information by the general public. The mystique of specialised medical knowledge is
now available for understanding by non-medically trained people.

The advantage of access to this information is that patients are often increasingly better-informed and
pro-active in their treatment management, and can choose to take more responsibility and participate
in decision-making. The modicum of personalised holistic health care is providing innovative researched
investigative techniques for improving patient diagnosis and enhanced therapeutic options embracing
the above diagnostic testing parameters.

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