Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine


The philosophy of Anuhba is to empower people to reach a state of integrated health in an ever
expanding knowledge base of new innovative research paradigms that are reshaping the landscape of
medicine. It is our opinion, that patients want to be actively involved in the understanding and
management of their health issues.

Anubha's philosophy embraces this need and offers patients an opportunity to discuss their opinions
and more importantly, be listened to and respected for their contribution. We are not just sick
organs which need mending, nor are we just biochemical numbers out of reference ranges. Illness
may have components which may be physical, mental, social or environmental. Hence an integrated
holistic approach is the foundation upon which medicine is practiced at Anubha.  

Anubha offers a centre of personalised innovative holistic health care. Patients are presented a level
of diagnostic investigations and treatment modalities that are unique and profoundly informative to
establish comprehensive strategies for enhanced health care.

This level of treatment provides an opportunity to transform our health so we can choose to eat
what nourishes our genes, rather than following social dietary dogmas, which are not necessarily
suitable to our genotype.

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