Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine


BIA is an electrical impedance device which measures the passage of an electrical current through the
body and specifically measures the resistance and reactance of muscles and fat to this current. The
data along with age, height and weight  enables the software to calculate lean muscle mass, fat mass,
intracellular fluid, extra cellular fluid, biological age and other insightful parameters.

BIA adds a new dimension to weight loss. The question has to be asked what exactly are you losing
when you lose weight?  Are you losing fluid, and from which compartment, from the cells or from the
subcutaneous tissues? Are you losing muscle mass and how much? Are you losing fat and how much.
This non invasive tool is a valuable companion in the process of weight loss
. More specifically, the
ability to measure actual fat loss. It is all to common to see people losing weight, but not aware if they
have lost muscle as well or not.

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