Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine

Bio-Aging Assessments

The Bio-Aging System is a risk assessment system, which, through a three step model, enables the
doctor to predict the risk of a patient developing chronic degenerative diseases. This three-step
model includes a thorough history of the patient and his/her antecedents, an interactive component,
where the patient performs tests on the computer and multiple markers of ageing are assessed, and
finally, extensive biochemical markers and gene tests are performed. The results of this assessment
provide a comprehensive risk profile to prescribe preventative medicine treatments required to
correct or mitigate these risk factors.

The value of this system is that the patient may present as seemingly healthy and asymptomatic,
but may be harbouring disease processes which could surface unexpectedly at a later date. The
benefit to the patient is that they have an early warning system, which allows informed choices to
adjust their health awareness. Following treatment, Bio-Aging assessments are performed again to
measure the improvement of tested parameters.

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