Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine

Some people suffer from allergies and recognising these allergenic foods, chemicals and fumes, is
essential to maintaining personal health. However within a vast majority of people who have an allergic
reaction to food, there is often a delayed reaction with nebulous symptoms. In these situations a
particular food intolerance may be the cause. Food allergy testing in these situations is
non-contributory and specific food sensitivity testing can be performed.

Food allergies and food sensitivities have many pathways of allergenicity and unless a dramatic allergy
such as a peanut allergy, are not always detected by either blood testing (using the RAST test or skin
prick testing). I.e. RAST testing will detect an obvious allergy, but may miss other allergies).
There are a number of allergy tests including RAST testing, Skin sensitivity testing, IgG blood testing.
RAST testing is the gold standard for IgE generated food allergies, but is inconclusive for non-IgE
driven allergic reactions

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