Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine


Anubha is the first health facility that offers individualised genetic testing to measure the
susceptibility to drugs, and the measurement of specific genes which in the aberrant form
(polymorphism) may be the causative factors in premature cardiovascular disease, thrombosis,
osteoporosis, Alzheimer's dementia and a plethora of cancers. Gene testing offered through Anubha
also assesses the risk of developing obesity and The Metabolic Syndromes.

The value of this information is unprecedented. The astute physician has the ability to select a unique
combination of lifestyle choices, which include personalised dietary programs (Nutrigenomics), to
provide a food-based health-care lifestyle uniquely matched to the person's genetic code.

Gene testing for specific monogenic mutations has been available for many years. There is mounting
scientific evidence in the medical literature of the relationship of genetic polymorphisms (low
penetrance) genetic markers that are correlated with a range of common diseases, including heart
disease, osteoporosis, coagulopathies, cancer and neurocognitive disease.

In medicine we treat pathological conditions and then it is expected that the patient will automatically
get better. This is often not the case, due to genetic variability of multiple factors including genes
that control drug detoxification, antioxidant effectiveness and availability, as well as genes encoding
immune competence.

The test is performed only once and provides a personalised view of that patient’s genetic
personality, offering refined treatment parameters. A component of gene testing, called
Nutrigenomics, assesses those genes that relate to suitability of various foods relative to the patient’
s genetic polymorphisms. Unconsciously eating inappropriate foods or nutrients could result in
disease or an exacerbation of a disease process.

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