Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine

The study of the physiological, social and psychological causes of ageing. This
study includes the phenomenon of senescence related the accumulation of degradation products, the
inability to metabolise those products, and the study of genes related to aging.

ENDOCRINOLOGY - The study of hormones and their relationship to health, disease and aging

STEM CELL RESEARCH - Investigation of the potential use of various stem cell lines for their ability to
grow healthy tissue for the rejuvenation of damaged human organs and the future augmentation of
tissues for extended longevity.

GENETICS- Is the study of heredity and variation in living organisms

GENETIC POLYMORPHISM- An altered position of the genetic bases (or ‘letters’) occurring in more
than one percent of the population and may be related to different phenotypic expression, natural
diversity or disease states.

NUTRIGENETICS - The study of specific genetic variations (polymorphisms) which may affect health
through the diet of susceptible subgroups.

NUTRIGENOMICS - The study of  nutrigenetic derived information to select foods and nutrients to
positively affect genetic expression and induce healthy physiological changes.

THOUSANDS OF DOCTORS - The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M website: www. claims to have trained over 30000 doctors internationally since 1993.

BIOLOGICAL MARKERS OF AGING -Physiological markers which when detected out of the accepted
range herald the aging process. These markers include: blood pressure, bone density, fat mass,
muscle mass, muscle strength, hormones, temperature regulation, auditory threshold, auditory
reaction time, visual reaction time, near point vision, skin thickness, basal metabolic rate, lung function
(forced vital capacity) and others.

SCANNING DEVICES - New technology allowing non-invasive body scanning to assess covert disease
not detected by routine physical examination, blood tests or X rays. Some of these devices include,
whole body CT, MRI, PET scanning, Infra-red thermographic scanning, whole body ultrasound scanning.

CHELATION THERAPY -The repeated use of a chemical therapy (EDTA/DMPS/DMSA) for the explicit
removal of documented high levels of a toxic metal.

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