Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine
Meditation is a non-religious technique which can be practiced by all age groups from early childhood.
Meditation could be adjunctive support in the management of a range of emotional and physical

There are many ways to try to describe what meditation is. Whether any of the descriptions are entirely
accurate is conjecture. There are multiple systems of meditation some based on formal religions, others
not connected at all. However, meditation could be described as binding back to the source, which
could be a deeply religious experience in its serene simplicity.

It is an opportunity to transcend the cacophony of the mind and become immersed in the stillness of
the body.

To try to meditate is functionally doomed. Meditation appears to happen by allowing the mind to be in

Formal meditation practices have used mantras or chanting for thousands of years, or the holding of a
religious precept in one’s mind. Others systems focus on relaxation of the body.

In spite of the obvious answers as to why someone would want to meditate, it is worth noting that the
state of mediation is a distinct physiological state of consciousness with its own biochemical and
neurophysiological parameters.

The fact that meditation is relaxing is possibly a simplification of its benefits. Many physiological benefits
have been noted in the research literature, ranging from better sleep, lowered blood pressure, less
anxiety, increased longevity, fewer accidents, improved hormone status, improved cardiovascular
status and many others.

Meditation can be practiced in a sitting or lying position, but since there is a tendency to fall asleep
when lying down, sitting is often preferred.

Meditation at Anubha requires a series of instructional non- religious sessions. idealy this is in person
to person instruction. Usually 4 sessions of one hour allow some degree of fluency of practice. Group
sessions support the process.

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