Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine

Health is a compilation of physical, mental and spiritual co-ordinates that can be referenced against
that person's genetic architecture and socio-environmental milieu. Anubha is a centre of
personalised and innovative holistic health care, where patients are offered a program of diagnostic
investigations and treatment modalities that are revolutionary and informative, and assist in
establishing comprehensive strategies for enhanced health care.

An initial consultation gives both the patient and doctor time to discuss the avenues of investigation
and possible treatments. This is a revolutionary concept in patient care and refines the accuracy of
therapeutic intervention.

Anubha's Programs of Investigation include:

There is a new world paradigm, which includes easy access to scientific information and access to
even specialised medical information by the general public. The mystique of specialised medical
knowledge is now available for understanding by non-medical people. The advantage of access to
this information is that patients are often increasingly better-informed and pro-active in their
treatment management, and can choose to take more responsibility and participate in decision-
making. The modicum of personalised holistic health care is providing innovative researched
investigative techniques for improving patient diagnosis and enhanced therapeutic options
embracing the above diagnostic testing parameters.

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