Anubha Anti-Ageing Medicine


Salivary testing allows for the assessing of free hormone values [Oestriol (E3), Oestradiol (E2),
Oestrone (E1), Progesterone, DHEAS, Testosterone, Cortisol], which is not available on routine blood
testing apart from free testosterone. The unique value of salivary testing is the ability to assess E1,
E2 & E3 and their ratio to each other as well as the ratio of free progesterone to free oestradiol which
may reflect on the state of oestrogen dominance, a surprisingly common hormonal situation
confronting women in the peri-menopause which can affect treatment and outcomes.

Many patients suffering from fatigue syndromes may have low cortisol states reflecting adrenal
insufficiency or exhaustion; the advantage of salivary hormone assessments of cortisol is the ability
to collect 4 salivary samples from early morning through the day and late at night which is not
practical through laboratory blood collecting. These salivary samples can detect the phases of low
adrenal function and consequent asthenia or exhaustion.

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